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One PlAneT

The Movie

Registered with the LIbrary of Congress and the writers Guild of America

About the Movie

"One Planet" Documentary Feature Film includes world thought leaders, scientists and activists doing good things for the planet. The film aims to assist in finding solutions for issues such as Global Warming, Climate Change, Air and Ocean Pollution, Species Extinction and Water Shortages.

Leading the Planet Productions has filmed with several world thought leaders and corporations; many of the photos of our previous film shoots with the aforementioned guests can be viewed on this website. We would greatly appreciate any amount of donation that will help us to continue towards finishing the film. Much of our film has been delayed due to our needing additional funds. Let us be your voice for Mother Earth and together we can make a difference.

General Motors Corporation has agreed to be a corporate partner to Leading the Planet Productions LLC.

Music Score: Songs on website Ocean Love piano Beverly Blitz Composer Carl Neilsen.

 "Celestial Fantasy" composed by Kurt Oldman and published by Dobelix Music.


"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." 

-Native American Proverb


Human activities are significantly increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases such as CO2  through the use of vehicles, industry growth, power plants and deforestation. The most dangerous consequences of this addition of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere include higher global temperatures, wildlife at risk, worldwide rising oceans, mass extinction, increasing fires, floods, tsunamis, droughts, hurricanes, glacier retreats, ice shelf disruption, coral reef bleaching, problems with water and food supply and increase in disease primarily for regions who have little to no carbon footprint.

One Planet documentary feature film will be part of the solution by bringing world thought leaders, corporations, scientists and activists together to work on a global level. The film will assist the United States to step up to the plate and lead in the environmental movement. The film will be instrumental in helping to create new green jobs and a new green economy. 

The Vision

Leading the Planet 

Productions staff

 Bambi Lynn Blitz MA. Writer/Director/Producer

Bambi is deeply passionate about "One Planet" documentary feature film. She is a member of Women in Film, The Independent Documentary Association, Screen Actor's GUILD. Bambi was formally a director/producer for an environmental television show on Adelphia Cable. Bambi had worked many years as a Psychotherapist and Social Worker counseling families, individuals, children, homeless population and those recovering from substance abuse. Bambi is an animal activist and environmentalist. She grew up in St. Louis Missouri and has traveled extensively all over the world. She received her undergraduate degree in English from Boston University, Boston Massachusetts. Bambi received her masters degree in psychology from CalFam/Phillips Institute in Los Angeles, California where she resides today.





Ronald Vidor, Director Of Photography SOC:    

 Steadicam & Cinematography

“A” list Camera Operator; Steadicam Operator/Owner; Aerial, Underwater, First & Second Unit DP FEATURE CREDITS: 

JAWS - Universal Pictures - Underwater/Above Water

Goodbye Lover - Warner Bros - Steadicam/Operator

Boogie Nights - Pushing Thirteen Productions - Steadicam/Underwater

The New Swiss Family Robinson - Total Films - Steadicam/Underwater/DPI

Love Trouble - Disney - Steadicam/Operator

Stand By Me - Columbia Pictures - Steadicam/Underwater/Operator

RockyIII - Charhoff/Winkler - Steadicam/Operator

The Sting II - Universal - Steadicam/Operator

GreaseII - Paramount - Steadicam/Operator

Romancing The Stone - 20thCenturyFox - Steadicam/Operator

Against All Odds - Columbia - Steadicam/Operator

Lethal Weapon - Warner Brothers - Underwater DP/Operator

Beverly Hills Cops II - Paramount - Steadicam/Operator

The Marrying Man - Hollywood Pictures - Steadicam/Operator

Flashback - Paramount - Steadicam/Operator/DP

Taps - 20thCenturyFox - Steadicam/Operator

Legend of Billy Jean - Tri-Star - Steadicam/Operator/DP

Brainstorm - MGM - Steadicam/Operator 

Undercover Blues - Lobwell/Bergman/MGM - Steadicam/Operator/Aerial/DP

The Cheetah - Disney - Steadicam/Operator/DP

Skin Deep - Blake Edwards - Steadicam/Underwater/Operator

Revenge of the Nerds - 20th Century Fox - Operator

Firebirds - 20th Century Fox - Steadicam/Operator

The Mountain Men - Columbia - Steadicam/Operator

The Sword and the Sorcerer - Sorcerer Prods - Steadicam/Operator

Making Love - 20th Century Fox - Steadicam/Operator

Simple Twist of Fate - Disney - Steadicam/Operator

Ten to Midnight - Cannon Films - Steadicam/Operator/Underwater/DP

Puppet Master IV - Full Moon Productions - Steadicam/Operator

The Jazz Singer - Jerry LeiderProduction - Steadicam/Operator

Strange Behavior - Hemdale - Steadicam/OP/Underwater/Aerial/DP

Whose Life is it Anyway - MGM - Steadicam/Operator

Folks - 20th Century Fox - Steadicam/Underwater/Operator

Rosemary - Paramount - Steadicam/Underwater/Operator

Quicksilver - Columbia - Steadicam/Operator

Something Barrowed - SMB Prods - Steadicam/Operator

Striking Distance - Columbia - Operator/DP

V.I. Warshawski - Disney - Steadicam/Operator/DP

El Norte - Independent Prods./Fox - Operator/DP

Encino Man - Buena Vista/Disney - Underwater/Operator/DP

Friday the Thirteenth VI - Cunningham Prods - Steadicam/Operator/DP

Jeffery Dahmer, Secret Life - National Screen Artist - Steadicam/Operator/DP 

The Baltimore Bullet - Filmfair - Operator/DP






Scott Carrithers: Director of Photography

Scott is an extremely talented Director of photography and has a background working for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, HBO, PBS and the BBC. Scott was a Director of Photography on the documentary "Endangered Species" which received the earth watch film award. He was also Director of photography on "In the name of the father" which viewed at the Cannes film festival. Scott has worked as a cinematographer for many independent feature film projects and has extensive experience shooting in 35mm film. Scott resides in Los Angeles, California.









Kurt Oldman: Composer


Kurt wrote the film score song "Celestial Fantasy" which was published by Dobelix Music and featured on this website. Kurt is an extraordinary musician. He was born in Switzerland and grew up in a house of enormously talented musicians. His parents attended the world renowned conservatory of music in Fribourg. Kurt studied at the conservatory of music and Lucerne Swiss jazz school. Kurt continued his studies in the United States at UCLA with famed composers Robert Drasin(The Wild Wild West) and Gerald Fried. (Star Trek)
Kurt has scored many films and resides in Los Angeles, California. 







Evelyn Oyuela: Production Coordinator/Personal Assistant 


Evelyn has a background in the social service field and has worked extensively with fostering youth, homeless and family preservation. Evelyn coordinates many aspects of the "One Planet" film shoots. She assists in location availability, working with guests, publicists and agents. Evelyn has rescued many lost, abused and abandoned animals and resides in Los Angeles, California.  





Brad Goldman: Production Assistant

Brad has a fifteen year background in research and development and has worked on the film in several capacities that include preparing and organizing the crew for film shoots.







Karly Ellis: Assistant to the Director

Karly has an environmental science background but began cultivating a passion for film at an early age. She has since worked on many independent projects throughout her college and professional career. 







20th Century Props

Agape International
Eastman Kodak (Film Stock)
FotoKem (Post-Production Facilities)
Frankel and Associates (Insurance)
General Motors Corporation

Paul Mitchell/ Patron

Virgin Airlines/Galactic 
Hensel Phelps
Hilton San Francisco
Hollywood Camera (Camera Equipment Provided by)
International Documentary Association (IDA)
Mill Valley Inn
Otto Nemenz International (Camera Equipment Provided by)
The Redford Center
Utah Film Center
Whole Foods
Women in Film
Writers Guild of America (WGA)

Natural Balance

Shumaker Foundation

Space Center Houston

NASA Film Contribution

Film Crew

The film crew is hired for each specific film shoot and includes Sound Technician, Hair and Makeup Artists, Gaffers, Camera Assistants, Camera Operator, Assistant Director, Craft Service and Editors. 





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Leading the Planet Productions

has worked with the following organizations:

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About the Movie
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